Welcome to my lifestyle blog, where you’ll find pure and awesome randomness. I hope to inform you with life hacks that’ll make living easier, and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.

You could also find yourself reading my rants on current events, updates on my cute first little baby or family life, and possibly complaints about trying to be healthy and fit.

I’m currently looking to become rich, buy a home, be a good wife and glorious mother. I would also like to be a professional decorator, a home contractor, a gardener, a chef, and an artist but know I can’t do all those things so I’m thankful for Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. avonbeautygirl says:

    Thank you for the follow 🙂 I enjoyed reading your welcome page. You sound abit like me, lol. Good luck in achieving all your wish for in life and keep up the rants!! Can’t beat a good rant! I started my blog as a platform mostly for my avon venture however I wonder if it should just simply be about ‘life rants’!


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