Newbie Day 1

Today I got a call from my sister during lunch, who was ecstatic that she had landed a new job. Only trouble is that it’s about 50 mins from home, and traffic in DC is HORRIBLE. She also wants to move out of our parents house, and needs to somehow convince our father that its worth it. I then got a text later in the afternoon from our mother, who expressed our father didn’t like the idea.

I’m not yet a mom, but being 5 months pregnant, and being the eldest of 4 girls has really put things into perspective. Before the pregnancy, I could relate to my sisters on their level, and somewhat understand what our parents wanted from us. Their high expectations for us, their limitations, and the goals they wanted for us but it never really clicked. There was also the fact that some parents just don’t know how to communicate to their children, or they try but its ineffective. As a new mommy to be I see things in a whole new light.

Firstly, I now know what its like to be able to say “Hey, I carried you for months! You better appreciate life because it sure isn’t easy creating it.” The love for a child is unique and beautiful on its own, I’m 5 months in and already can’t imagine life without this baby. Secondly, you are willing to do what it takes to protect this life. Lastly, you want this child to be the best and have the best.

That said, and again I’m not yet a fully trained and experienced mother, but I can somewhat see where my parents are coming from. I am a sister of 3 younger ladies and I feel that I can be the middle person. I can express to my parents and provide an opinion as to how I believe they should react. I can also tell my sisters their truths without offending them…that much at least.

Truth is my sister wants my parents support, not a yes or no. She needs alternatives and opinions from my parents, not permission. She needs guidance with this new season of life she is trying to start. I hope that in this new stage of MY life, being the middle person, I can help both my parents and my sisters understand each other. I can relay info without having the message lost in translation, literally. Today I feel like a newbie in some phase of adulthood that I don’t know of yet, so Newbie Day 1 it is.