Happy 2016! Birthdays? Goals? Resolutions?

Happy New Years! and a Huge HAPPY 46 BIRTHDAY to my Lovely mother ^_^

This new years, like every other I’ve had, was my mothers birthday but boy was it interesting. Just to give you guys an idea, normally it’s just the parents, the sisters, maybe some aunts and cousins, and a cake. This year was a bit different because we had our parents, the sisters,¬†the new hubby, marines cousin now stationed in VA with his wife and baby, and the parents’ gym couple buddies. I however came prepared because I brought my home made birthday cake, brought games to kill some time, and I’m pregnant, so that somewhat is a conversation starter for adults with kids. (I also used this time to ask questions and soak up every bit of information I can possibly get.)

Now, if you know my mother which you probably don’t, she LOVES to take family pictures. Unfortunately she is the only one in the family who does. One of my goals for this year is to take more pictures actually, and to PRINT THEM. It feels so antique to say that since everyone nowadays just digitally saves them somewhere and posts them on their social networks. I however, want to build a wall collage and get creative with scrap books and photo albums. Hopefully I can do it, lol.

Anyway, we fulfilled my mothers requests by smiling and posing for about 5 mins until she decided it was enough. When she came back saying we’d have to retake the pictures; no one wanted to join. I was saddened to see that a few minutes later she had secluded herself to shed a couple of tears. It broke my heart because mothers don’t ask for much, and I really wanted her to be happy on this day (that she sadly has to share with a holiday.) So I convinced everyone that after a game of Apples to Apples to retake pictures. At that moment i regretted the decision, but not so much in retrospect. I hope she enjoyed the other moments, and I know I tried my best as a daughter to make her happy.

This 2016 whether its to loose weight, savemoney, turn a year older, ¬†become a better person or go to church, I hope that you are able to not only think of yourself but think of others. At times it can be frustrating, trying to do things that will make you happier (or so you think) but you’d be surprised at how much of a reward it is to make someone else happy. This year I will be having a baby, and I will unknowingly be doing everything in my power to try to keep that baby mostly happy (because believe it will not get EVERYTHING it wants,) but I know it will in turn make me happy as well.


So Happy New Years! Happy Holidays! Happy Birthday! and to making this year count!