We have layers like Shrek, and onions…


Do you remember that scene in the Disney movie Shrek, where Donkey kept questioning why Shrek didn’t act like an ogre, but then he tells Donkey the ogre’s are like onions that have layers? I had to re-watch the clip to refresh my memory, but that scene as funny as it was had depth.

From what I remember poor old Shrek had decided to seclude himself from society to not be judged for what he was. But we come to learn that he was lonely with that lifestyle choice. Thanks to Donkey and lots of misfortune, Shrek ends up having his fairy tale ending with a princess and a family.


There was a point in life where I had made a choice to stop hanging with a certain crowd to avoid being judged. I knew that if my secrets were out I would not be treated the same. If I did come to see them, I would act like my old self and hope that they would never find out who I had become. Not there was anything wrong, but it was a layer that I did not want them to see.

Shrek did have something there with his quick made up philosophy, we have layers. There’s the surface which everyone sees, then there’s the layers that start to come off as individuals start to edge themselves into our lives. When I cut my onions I was taught to not cut through the center. You cut the end from the side, then with every use you keep cutting sides until you reach the core, then you cut the core. If I let someone get to my core that fast, there’s a great chance I can get hurt.


I would advise you to watch that movie if you havne’t. Its hilarious and raises lots of good points for us as adults even. There was nothing wrong with Shrek, and there’s nothing wrong with having layers. We have layers like Shrek, now if you look like an ogre or smell like an onion, well thats a separate topic. I believe the movie addresses personal hygiene as well 😉