Tragedy in Minnesota


I don’t want to get into politics and the like for what the media has recently revealed about certain cops and their behaviors. I just want to express that it truly saddens me to see a video of a man dying due to a policeman’s negligence. It’s referenced as the Falcon Heights Shooting in Minnesota .  A police man stops a car for what is a “broken tail light” which supposedly is not. The policeman approaches the driver, and the driver states that he had a carry permit, and was armed. Upon reaching for his license he is shot four times and dies. The fiance in the passenger seat along with her young daughter witnessed this, and the fiance recorded all of it from the moment he was shot.

I am saddened at the loss of his family, but I am also upset. I really just wonder and start to make up scenarios in my mind and think, why did he mention he carried a gun? Did he not think that this would make the cop nervous? And do cops not get enough training to not be trigger happy? My anger goes not towards the race issue which the media and public aim this towards in the majority, but at the other point. Peter Rosenberg a radio show host shares his thoughts on why policemen do not speak up against other cops, and why they try to stay silent or defend their co-workers when they should be doing the opposite. In Baltimore, Maryland there is a new Use-Of-Force Policy that allows another officer to step in if he feels that another is stepping out of line.

I understand that in the recent years there have been updates and changes in the police force to enforce and strengthen security measures for themselves and the community. But what do the police community have to say? Families of past victims cry for justice (which can sometimes be confused with the feeling of vengeance if not careful,) but I don’t think that’s enough. Justice will not change how some of these officers behave.

I have worked in big companies through out my career, and when there’s change needed, unfortunately there’s an overhaul of employees that get laid off, along with new management in the higher ups. Maybe something like that is needed. I don’t want to say that maybe the president, because I’m not entirely sure who would be in charge, so maybe the local governments need to rally together and come up with some sort of NEW testing so that these personalities are not working in law enforcement. Maybe some testing that happens every 3-5 yrs to make sure these officers morals haven’t changed. SOMETHING.

Sigh…basically, there needs to be a drastic change. Having individual court hearings for these cases, to have these people go to jail is not enough. Having camera’s on every cop to monitor their actions help but it doesn’t change who these certain group of people are. The ones prone to killing if they can’t handle the situation appropriately. My sympathies go to these families. I am sorry this happened, and I hope change comes because apparently protesting is not enough.

And I end with this. Someone once heard me out on a separate topic such as maternity leave. He said I should do something about it. I said I would, except I don’t have time. I have a baby, and to start a movement would mean that I would need to be out there than in here with my baby. I would have to rally up people, I would have to continuously fight, and look for resources and meet with authority, and the list goes on. It would be like taking on another job. The only thing I can do is write this blog and hope that is lands into the right hands. That the right person out there hears me. Someone who can take this job on. This is my form of action and it might not be much, but its something.