5 Random facts of a Blogger

Today I start the 31 day blog challenge. I’ve decided to take blogging seriously and as such have committed to write a blog a day for 31 days. This of course won’t stop me from posting an additional blog if there is something that I want to share, but I hope that this will make me feel accountable for my blog and as such help me start a routine.

Challenge day 1 – Self Portrait and 5 random facts about yourself.

writinga traveljournal

When I think random, I think the first thing that comes to mind, so below will be the first 5 facts that come to mind. I promise to make them as interesting as possible.


Fact #1 – I like to find new places to eat. I’ve moved about 3 times in the past five years, and every time I move I make it a goal to find all the hot stops to eat. It makes getting to know the area fun, and it also gives me a place to take visitors/guests when they are in town. I’m a huge foodie, so I make sure I know where there is a good place to eat for different occasions whether it be a bar or a family friendly restaurant.

Fact #2 – I bike. I got into riding a bicycle around 2 years ago with my now husband. It started as being a recreational hobby then became a sport to exercise. This also became the means of transportation for getting to know the area. I feel like when you drive you might not have time to notice everything, but biking will give you an appropriate speed to observe and move along at a good pace. All while exercising! Can’t beat that.

Fact #3 – I like to organize. or at least I think I do. I have what you call, a disorganized organization. I know some people don’t believe in this but I do. I will know what exactly I have in that pile of clothes, or what paper is in what stack, or what food is in what stuffed cupboard. Sometimes I will clean that disorganization up, but it’ll get messy in no time.

Fact #4 – I think I have OCD. Sometimes before going to bed I will walk around my apartment and make sure there isn’t anything that bothers me or out of place. Cupboards that aren’t closed. A running sink that has drops coming out. A toothbrush out of place. I don’t do it all the time, but I do catch myself doing it most of the time.

Fact #5 – I prefer warm weather. Hot, steaming, humid weather. Sometimes I will sit in my car on a hot summer day with the door open and just soak the heat in. Not always, but I prefer 10x over a cold, brisk, wintery day.

So there you have it, my 5 random facts. Don’t be shy and leave a comment, let me know if you share any in common, or have any random facts of your own. I’d love to hear from you!

Edit: Check Blog Day 3 to see the rules on the 31 Day Blog Challenge  .


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