Journey through the Web

I never thought blogging would bring so much interest. When Tumblr came out a few years ago I tried it out, put some pictures up, tried telling a story but it really didn’t resonate with me…probably because I didn’t have much going on.

Technology has changed much from then, so much more is done through the web now, so much information can be passed along. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like 5-10 years from now.

Currently, I have committed to blogging not only as an outlet for me to speak out openly, but because I feel like I have something to give. What better way to provide a service than through the internet. I can reach out to thousands of people in a instant, not worrying if I will be heard. I know that with one post I can reach a person, who will then reach another and create a chain reaction. This person might not reply or comment, and might not think much of it then, but hopefully they will later.

This will be a journey for me, one that I started to first let out some feelings about my daughter who was at the NICU for 81 days. I firstly want to let that community know that I 100% support you and am with you. My journey will then move onto posts about being a mother and a wife. I could also put in some posts about current events because I believe so strongly on being heard in that aspect. I am a young latina professional who deserves to be heard.

Back in the day people would take journeys through the wilderness to find themselves (some still might.) Today however I start a journey through the web. I will find resources on the web, I will find an outlet on the web, and this will help me create a path for myself. Some might not agree, and that’s perfectly okay. I am obviously not going to be close minded and make this my only journey, but it will be an uncommon one.


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