What makes you happy?

Today is day 3 of the blogger challenge. I realized yesterday that I’m actually supposed to take the challenge from someone and pass it on to three other bloggers. However, I started the challenge to make myself accountable so no one challenged me really. There’s no harm in challenging three other bloggers so here go! I challenge  Moonchildja,  lifeandshit16, and popsieza.


  • Post once a day on your blog.  Your first post can tell people why you are participating in this challenge.
  • Challenge 3 other bloggers.
  • Link back to this post so we can follow other people who are part of our challenge too.
  • Post your blog link below so we can follow along on your progress.
  • Please do NOT worry if you miss a day, the point is to try to blog daily to get in the habit!

Happy Blogging!

Challenge Day #3 – What makes you happy?

writinga traveljournal

Not such a tough one. There are a couple of things that make me happy but let me start with saying Esther, my daughter, by far surpasses all of them. She’s mostly all smiles, and just seeing how fast she grows truly amazes me. If you haven’t had a chance to read my other posts, Esther was born at 24 weeks and is now 6 mths! She has shown remarkable progress and I couldn’t be happier. Second would be when my husband reads my mind. He might just be making a guess at want I want to eat and hit it right on the nail, but regardless having him know what I want/need makes me happy. And third would be just spending time with quality friends and family. Whether it’s going out for a drink with the ladies, or chilling at the house with some wine and a good conversation, spending quality time with quality people makes me happy. Who you surround yourself with matters, it can change your attitude in life, or just in a day to day basis. So I make sure I surround myself with people that don’t bring me down, that support me, and that challenge me to succeed.

Let me know what makes you happy! Silly I know, but you gotta think about it. Then make sure you do enough of it 🙂

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