Best Childhood Memory


Challenge Day #3 – Best Childhood Memory

writinga traveljournal

My childhood memory is more like a scene from a movie. Similar to a serene and calm view, with the trees and the grass moving as the breeze comes in. More of a feeling then an actual event. When I was child most of my family was in Long Island, New York. We would take 4-5 hour drives depending on the traffic but we would feel like it took forever. We made about three to four trips a year. Twice in the summer and twice around the holidays. I thought it was the coolest thing going to New York. It was were the latest fashion was so I would save my money to go shopping there. I had three younger sisters so going to see my cousins who were mostly boys was exciting. They were always doing crazy things that we just could not figure out why, but enjoyed the company. I would catch up on the lingo that was happening there and bring it back home. I remember thinking my town was always a year behind with what’s “in” (social networks didn’t exist yet.) I had absolutely no care because my parents paid us absolutely no mind unless it was about our meals. I didn’t care to get caught if we were running around making noise, or jumping off decks into the pool, or riding around the backyard in the ATV. We would stay up all night talking about family gossip, or planning on what we would do when we saw each other again. When I started getting into my preteen years it brought additional excitement. A cute boy who was out town? Definitely a recipe for a summer crush. My NY trips were unforgettable. And till this day, although I no longer run around, I still enjoy those trips because we reminisce on the feeling.

If you would like to participate on the challenge, see my Blog Challenge Day 3 for the rules.


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