Why do we have Nightmares?

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Have you found yourself having nightmares lately but don’t know why? Below is a short list of why we get nightmares.

  1. Eating habits – Yes sir, that late snack you had, full of carbs my dear friend could be the culprit. Try treating yourself to a glass of water instead if you find yourself being hungry. Eating food that you are unaware you are allergic to could also be the case.
  2. Life changing event – Death in a dream could sometimes be the interpretation of a life event. The sudden end of a relationship, or job, or personal conflict.  Could be anything really, but our dreams are a continuation of what we think of during the day.
  3. Medication – Did you start taking pills for something? Prescription drugs can alter your sleeping pattern.
  4. Sleeping disorders – Unfortunately, already having a sleeping issue could cause you to have nightmares.

Hopefully reading this will bring light into why you’ve had nightmares. I know sometimes I will have horrible dreams in regards to my husband or family and will then wake up trying to interpret what it means. In reality I might have had a late night snack. Or it can simply mean a stage in my life has ended and I need to move on to the next. Don’t fret, sweet dreams are right around the corner.


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