Working at home as a dream job

Challenge Day #7 – What’s your dream job

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I never really thought about this until I had Esther. Previous to that my dream job was working for a big company, with great benefits, where I would be in management, making six figures. I have  now re-evaluated that dream. I now dream of working at home.

I dream of having an office at home, running my own company which I am actually starting to prusue now (it is in the creation and test phase.) I dream of being able to take vacation whenever I want for however long without worrying. I dream of being my own boss and being a leader to aspiring individuals who could also one day be their own boss. I dream of creating opporunities and helping others in their endeavors. I dream pretty big.

None of this is impossible, it just honestly takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice. No one wants to sacrifice time, because time is money. So no one wants to loose out on that. But its not a sacrifice if it’s an investment for a feasible outcome. You will get back the amount of time you put in.

Ultimately I want to do what I can to get out of debt, provide the best I can for my daughter, and live debt free. Live a happy fulfilling life.

Tell me what your dream job is, and what are you doing to get there?


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