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Challenge Day #8 – Biggest Pet Peeve

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I’m not sure today’s challenge puts any blogger in a good position. Unless your biggest pet peeve sounds something like someone saying they wish that everyone would just get along, which is unrealistic. So I’m gonna have to be grossly real on this one. My biggest pet peeve is when someone “acts” uneducated (dumb,)

There will be occasions when certain people do not want to do what they are being asked so they will act dumb. Or I will be out in public and see someone just being a riot for no reason. That really grinds my gears. I think there’s an age limit to how long you can behave that way and  get away with it. But at the age of 27, if you don’t know how to behave or take on responsibilities, that kills me.

It makes me want to walk up to the person and just say Hey? Do you know what manners are? Do you have responsibilities? Do you not care about being well behaved? Its not just for your benefit but for the benefit of society. The ONLY time I think it is somewhat acceptable at the age of 27 is if you’re drunk with a group of other drunk people at a the hot spot in town where in that case, everyone is acting a riot, so it’s okay.

Anyway. Just writing about my pet peeve bothers me so I think I’m done with this one Do you have any pet peeve’s? Make sure to get it off your chest, it somewhat feels good.


If you would like to participate on the challenge, see my Blog Challenge Day 3 for the rules.