5 Items on my bucket list

Challenge Day #9 – What’s on your bucket list

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I told myself to prepare for today’s challenge when I first read the list, but I’ve been pretty busy. I don’t mean to prepare as in create one, but as in try to remember all the things I said I would do.

I’ve created a short list of 5 items on my bucket list. Enjoy!

  1. Travel to most if not all 50 states. Or at least the major attractions.
  2. Hike a mountain in Europe.
  3. Loose my fear of deep water and go on a cruise.
  4. Become rich and successful (as I’ve mentioned on my About home page, haha)
  5. Visit Mauritius

It may look like an easy list, but don’t let it fool you. I’ve  grown to be a scaredy cat unfortunately. i.e. missing planes, cruise ships sinking, bears up in the mountains. I mean it’s highly unlikely that these things will happen, BUT THEY CAN HAPPEN. So my bucket list should actually say overcome fear, but that wouldn’t be fun.

What’s on your bucket list? (almost felt like typing “What’s in your wallet?” like the commercial.)


If you would like to participate on the challenge, see my Blog Challenge Day 3 for the rules.


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