Freebie for bloggers! How to increase your Pinterest followers

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Increase your traffic on Pinterest with Tailwind.

If you’re a new blogger trying to gain followers through Pinterest, I suggest using Tailwind.

What is does is help you schedule Pins from Pinterest or your site onto days and times that are poppin, allowing a greater chance of people re-pinning your posts! The site does an awesome job of showing you how to do this step by step.

This is great because you won’t have to do the work manually anymore. I just started using it yesterday and honestly can’t get enough, haha. I’m obsessed with pinning. It’s very easy and a huge time-saver.

I wanted to share because I know some of us here are trying to gain a following to eventually sell
a business or get awareness out of whatever your blogging and this tool will help you get there.

Make sure to use my link to increase your traffic on Pinterest! – Free Month of Tailwind Plus


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