How to be as Carefree as a Child

You ever wonder how children can be so carefree? How do they live so happily? Sometimes the simplest things can be the solution to our crazy lives. I’ve come up with a couple reasons as to why children are so carefree and as adults how to be as carefree as a child.

How to be as carefree as a child

My husband came to me yesterday with a smile on his face. His question was, “Do you remember when you would wake up as a child, walk into the kitchen and see your parents running around but you had no idea why. It was like stepping into a new world.” And I agreed, because I TOTALLY remember waking up and just waking into the kitchen and only wanting breakfast. Mom would be cooking, dad would be getting ready to tend to the garden. I had no idea what the plans were for the day, but I was ready.

Children are on a completely different mindset than adults, BUT we function the same way. We have a brain. We have a schedule and routine. We have friends and family. We have responsibilities. So what is it that sets us apart?

Main Reasons Children are Carefree

  1. They can wake up and not worry about working to bring in income. Money is a huge factor that brings stress whether rich or poor. Children don’t fear because it’s already there.
  2. Ignorance is bliss. It’s true, the less you know, the less you have to worry about.
  3. They know they’re loved. Having parents they trust wholeheartedly is pretty much equal to having a hero. The parents are the hero.

How to Become as Carefree as a Child

  1. Exercise. What do children do more than anything? PLAY. Its been proven Physical activity releases endorphin’s (natural painkillers) in the brain which in turn make you feel better. So play a game, go to the beach, make a goal to get as much “playtime” as possible. Life is not always work.
  2. Be informed. I’ve found that the feeling of not knowing can bring anxiety. So look it up, figure out the ins and outs. Then step back and take a good look. Is it really something to worry about? If so, make a plan, but don’t let it destroy you. You are stronger than the problem.
  3. Have a close group of people you can trust. Having a support group is essential because these are the people that help you when you’re down.

I hope this helps if you’ve been feeling a little wackly lately. Adulting can be hard, but not impossible. Take one step at a time ^_^


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