How to be as Carefree as a Child

You ever wonder how children can be so carefree? How do they live so happily? Sometimes the simplest things can be the solution to our crazy lives. I’ve come up with a couple reasons as to why children are so carefree and as adults how to be as carefree as a child.

How to be as carefree as a child

My husband came to me yesterday with a smile on his face. His question was, “Do you remember when you would wake up as a child, walk into the kitchen and see your parents running around but you had no idea why. It was like stepping into a new world.” And I agreed, because I TOTALLY remember waking up and just waking into the kitchen and only wanting breakfast. Mom would be cooking, dad would be getting ready to tend to the garden. I had no idea what the plans were for the day, but I was ready.

Children are on a completely different mindset than adults, BUT we function the same way. We have a brain. We have a schedule and routine. We have friends and family. We have responsibilities. So what is it that sets us apart?

Main Reasons Children are Carefree

  1. They can wake up and not worry about working to bring in income. Money is a huge factor that brings stress whether rich or poor. Children don’t fear because it’s already there.
  2. Ignorance is bliss. It’s true, the less you know, the less you have to worry about.
  3. They know they’re loved. Having parents they trust wholeheartedly is pretty much equal to having a hero. The parents are the hero.

How to Become as Carefree as a Child

  1. Exercise. What do children do more than anything? PLAY. Its been proven Physical activity releases endorphin’s (natural painkillers) in the brain which in turn make you feel better. So play a game, go to the beach, make a goal to get as much “playtime” as possible. Life is not always work.
  2. Be informed. I’ve found that the feeling of not knowing can bring anxiety. So look it up, figure out the ins and outs. Then step back and take a good look. Is it really something to worry about? If so, make a plan, but don’t let it destroy you. You are stronger than the problem.
  3. Have a close group of people you can trust. Having a support group is essential because these are the people that help you when you’re down.

I hope this helps if you’ve been feeling a little wackly lately. Adulting can be hard, but not impossible. Take one step at a time ^_^


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Why do we have Nightmares?

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Have you found yourself having nightmares lately but don’t know why? Below is a short list of why we get nightmares.

  1. Eating habits – Yes sir, that late snack you had, full of carbs my dear friend could be the culprit. Try treating yourself to a glass of water instead if you find yourself being hungry. Eating food that you are unaware you are allergic to could also be the case.
  2. Life changing event – Death in a dream could sometimes be the interpretation of a life event. The sudden end of a relationship, or job, or personal conflict.  Could be anything really, but our dreams are a continuation of what we think of during the day.
  3. Medication – Did you start taking pills for something? Prescription drugs can alter your sleeping pattern.
  4. Sleeping disorders – Unfortunately, already having a sleeping issue could cause you to have nightmares.

Hopefully reading this will bring light into why you’ve had nightmares. I know sometimes I will have horrible dreams in regards to my husband or family and will then wake up trying to interpret what it means. In reality I might have had a late night snack. Or it can simply mean a stage in my life has ended and I need to move on to the next. Don’t fret, sweet dreams are right around the corner.

Storm in January

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January 2nd

5PM- I attend a house warming party which was also kinda like a later New Years party on Saturday.

8PM- I’m 24 weeks (about 6 mths) pregnant so I do what all ladies need to do, use the ladies room. I find out that its not a regular visit and the leaking won’t stop

8:30PM Run to the closest hospital which is less then 2 miles away, not the greatest hospital, but a hospital none-the-less.

9PM- Why the heck are they not attending me! It’s been an hour, the leaking still hasn’t stopped, I’m pregnant, can I please get some service? I urge the front desk lady to get me a room. I get one in 5 mins

10:30PM- After having blood taken out, my vitals taken and being visited by 3 doctors one FINALLY tells me they don’t have an OBGYN available as that part of the hospital is no longer in service. They will be rush me to the closest hospital in an ambulance. The doctor also mentions that his wife has had 3 miscarriages but that they now have 5 children. I am young and shouldn’t worry. …WTF???? are you telling me I might loose my baby and its okay because I’m young?!??!

Ambulance-I start to get contractions and measure them. They are 5 mins apart.

11PM-I get to the new hospital which I am familiar with. They run tests and take more blood and ask real questions. These people know what they are doing, but what is happening to me? Am I in labor? Is the baby okay? What does it mean that the baby breached?

11:30PM- I get my own room. I still have contractions so they give me medications to stop the contractions. My babies heart rate is through the roof. I will need to give birth but before I do the baby needs steroids so it’s (at this point I still didn’t know what it was. That Wednesday I was supposed to find out) lungs are not ready for breathing this small.

12AM- They give me the steroids, I’m running a fever so they try to control that. I have a catheter, 5 nurses, 3 doctors and my OBGYN in the room. I have no idea what’s going on and the only person I recognize is my husband. I try to stay as calm as possible for my baby.

I sleep through the night. Have a specific diet and await my second steroid shot which is 24 hrs from the last one.

Monday 4 or 5 ishAM- They recently gave me the second shot. The contractions are coming in full throttle. They say its time for the baby to come. She is breached and I have an infection so it will HAVE to be a C-section which I did not want.

9AM sharp- Esther is born. It’s a girl. She weighs 1.5 lbs and is 11 inches long.

This was only the beginning of a rough, traumatic, and hopeful start to Esther and our lives. January was a complete storm. It took us by surprise. We were unprepared and caught in the dark. The NICU was our shelter, our umbrella in the storm. With their support groups, what I consider the best doctors in the area and awesome nurses I was able to be positive and sane.

For more on Esther or NICU Tips for You  check out my blog.

If you’re going through a situation and have found writing a blog to be an outlet, let me know and leave a comment. I would love to hear about it.

Journey through the Web

I never thought blogging would bring so much interest. When Tumblr came out a few years ago I tried it out, put some pictures up, tried telling a story but it really didn’t resonate with me…probably because I didn’t have much going on.

Technology has changed much from then, so much more is done through the web now, so much information can be passed along. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like 5-10 years from now.

Currently, I have committed to blogging not only as an outlet for me to speak out openly, but because I feel like I have something to give. What better way to provide a service than through the internet. I can reach out to thousands of people in a instant, not worrying if I will be heard. I know that with one post I can reach a person, who will then reach another and create a chain reaction. This person might not reply or comment, and might not think much of it then, but hopefully they will later.

This will be a journey for me, one that I started to first let out some feelings about my daughter who was at the NICU for 81 days. I firstly want to let that community know that I 100% support you and am with you. My journey will then move onto posts about being a mother and a wife. I could also put in some posts about current events because I believe so strongly on being heard in that aspect. I am a young latina professional who deserves to be heard.

Back in the day people would take journeys through the wilderness to find themselves (some still might.) Today however I start a journey through the web. I will find resources on the web, I will find an outlet on the web, and this will help me create a path for myself. Some might not agree, and that’s perfectly okay. I am obviously not going to be close minded and make this my only journey, but it will be an uncommon one.